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BDSM Glossary

Financial domination, also known as Findom, is a unique aspect of BDSM where the exchange of power is intertwined with financial control. In this dynamic, a submissive individual, often referred to as a 'money slave,' willingly relinquishes control over their finances to a dominant partner, known as a 'financial dominatrix' or 'money mistress/master.' The submissive derives pleasure from the act of giving gifts, money, or financial resources to their dominant partner, who takes on the role of ultimate authority over their finances. The power dynamics in financial domination revolve around the submissive's financial servitude and the dominant's control and exploitation of their financial resources. The submissive finds gratification in surrendering their financial autonomy, experiencing arousal and fulfillment from the act of financial submission. Financial domination can take various forms, ranging from the submissive providing gifts and tributes to their dominant partner to more extreme practices such as financial blackmail, where the dominant coerces the submissive into providing financial resources under the threat of exposure or consequences. While financial domination may seem unconventional to some, it is a consensual exchange of power and control that fulfills the desires and fantasies of both parties involved. It requires clear communication, trust, and understanding of boundaries to ensure a safe and mutually satisfying experience for all participants. Ultimately, financial domination is about the exchange of power, control, and erotic gratification through the dynamics of financial servitude and domination. It offers a unique avenue for exploring dominance and submission within the realm of BDSM, where the transfer of wealth becomes a symbol of obedience, devotion, and submission.

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Market Harborough

Mistress Lara seeks M/F Subs or Discrete GF/BF

Holistic MEBS Healing Practitioner seeks a kind caring thoughtful dog loving discrete GF (BF). Lara is a nature-loving, empathic/hsp mature female. Also a single parent (mainly), a Christian and has health challenges.

Also, Subs sought M & F for Mistress Lara for morning weekday sessions in term time only. Sessions are tributed unless shared, then Subs can decide between them who tributes.

Market Harborough

Femdom Mistress wltm serious Subs M & F

Mistress Lara wltm male and female Subs. I can meet weekday mornings in term time only. Looking for a long term arrangement. (Based in South Leicestershire). Lots of bdsm activities.
If you are interested, just message me.
(Also, separately, I wltm Female FWB or Discrete GF).
I only want individuals who know what Subs are and possibly have some experience. No Switches! Good if Bi though not essential.

Market Harborough

Always wanted to explore my fantasys!

Looking for a Dom or a couple so we can explore fantasys. Love being dominated, teased and would like to explore more as a sub.

Market Harborough

Subs - Are you seeking a Mistress?

Mature attractive Mistress (with some health issues) seeks genuine Subs to serve, please and obey on a Regular Long Term Basis. They will help via naked domestic chores and tasks, etc. Pegging via hand (different sized dildos), insertion of sounds and urethral stretching available. E-Stim Urethral Sound coming soon. Needles into genitalia. Also spanking via riding crop. Anal stretching and fisting/double fisting available. Restraints and blindfold or eye mask given. Golden wine drinking and urination control and enemas given and faecal control encouraged. Emptying out into a bowl at Mistress' feet. Generous tribute expected. 1.5 or 2 hrs weekday term time mornings only. Medical play will be added shortly. CFNM. Xx

After covid-19 restrictions lifted.

Market Harborough

Mistress seeks Subs by Visit or Serious FLR

I like serious genuine male subs and female subs.  Must like to push boundaries.  
Mistress Lara/Mama can offer dildo pegging by hand,  fisting,  restraints,  blindfold,  urethral stretching and sounds,  anal stretching.  Needles into genitals.  Nipple clamps.  Riding crop spanking.  Urine drinking and control plus enemas and faecal control.  E-stim starting soon.
1. 5-2 hours weekday term time meets.  Tribute expected.

Alternative is a Female Led Relationship full time based locally and if worked out a FLM.  Must be agreeable to fin resp  too as part of this.  Xx

Market Harborough

Mistress seeks genuine submissive (m/f) for FLR long term committed relationship

Leading to FLM in due course, if things went well. Other options considered. Nearby living then living together 24/7 in a new home would be the way. Everything would be agreed in advance.